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The Poultry Farmers Association of Minas Gerais (Avimig) was created in February 1955 with the aim of representing and strengthening those who were dedicated to poultry production in Minas Gerais. Since then, it has become nationally recognized as a legitimate, strong, active and technically prepared entity to support poultry farmers and their companies through:

  • Representativeness;

  • Communication;

  • Benefits;

  • Partnerships.

Avimig has always fought in favor of defining public policies that enable the development of poultry agribusiness, defending the rights of poultry farmers, poultry products (eggs and chickens) and consumers, with regard to:

  • Sanity;

  • Biosecurity;

  • Taxation;

  • Financing;

  • Health emergency fund;

  • Environment.


Fully represent Minas Gerais poultry farming, developing political-institutional actions, promoting and strengthening the class, still having as principles: action, appreciation, ethics and seriousness.


Maintain credibility with the poultry chain, providing high quality services, obtaining recognition from its associates and partners as an active and representative entity in the poultry sector.


Act ethically and seriously, valuing its associates and the entire poultry chain in Minas Gerais and Brazil.

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