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Poly Sell Chemical Products Ltd.

Phone: (19) 3878-2470

Tags: Disinfection and Cleaning, Disinfectants, Detergents and Sanitizers, Veterinary Products, Antimicrobials, Bactericide



Telephone: (11) 4158-8200

Tags: live vaccines, vaccines


Vetanco do Brasil Imp. and Exp. LTD

Phone: (49) 3329-7099

Tags: Pest Control, Insecticides, Mosquicide, Veterinary Products, Antibactericidal, Antibiotics, Antimicrobials, Antiparasitics, Bactericide, Eliminators of Flying Insects, Prebiotics, Chemotherapy


Zoetis Industry of Veterinary Products LTDA.

Phone: 0800-0111919

Laboratory Analysis, Laboratory Diagnosis, Laboratory Analysis, Physical/Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Analysis and Quality Control Laboratories, Poultry Advice and Consulting, Veterinary and Zootechnical Advice, Poultry Advice and Consulting, Diagnosis, Veterinary Products, Antianemics, Veterinary Products, Antiarrheic , Antibactericidal, Antibiotics, Antigens, Antimicrobials, Antiparasitics, Bactericide, Diluents for vaccines, Probiotics, Topical Therapeutics, Vaccinations, Vaccination, Spray Vaccine, Vaccination, Automatic Vaccinators, Fertile Egg Vaccine

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