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CASP SA Industry and Commerce

Telephone: (19) 3808-8800

Tags: Scales, Farm Equipment, Handling Accessories, Wires and Cables, Mechanical Winch, Motors, Mechanical Feeder Feeders, Farm Heaters, Drinkers, Automatic Drinkers, Pendulum Drinkers, Nipple Drinkers, Dosers, Campanulas, Air Conditioning, Nebulizers, Evaporative cooling, Fans, Feeders, Automatic feeders, Manual feeders, Feeder grids, Shed curtains, Aviary lining, Lighting, Special lamps for sheds, Nests, Automatic Nests, Mechanical Nests, Floors, Plastic Floors, Feed factories, Elevators of Mugs, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Drag Conveyors, Incubation, Incubators, Hatchers, Equipment Maintenance, Storage Silos, Grains, Feed


Consilos Industrial LTDA

Telephone: (45) 3228-3434

Tags: Silos, Elevators, Dryers


Plasson do Brasil LTDA

Telephone: (48) 3431-9500

Tags: Equipment for Farms, Accessories for Management, Equipment for Farms, Wires and Cables, Accessories for Management, Mechanical Winch, Drinking fountains, Automatic drinking fountains, Drinking fountains, Pendular drinking fountains, Nipple drinking fountains, Dosers, Campanulas, Air conditioning, Motor sprayer, Air conditioning, Nebulizers , Nebulizer Filters, Nebulizers, Evaporative Cooling, Fans, Feeders, Automatic Feeders, Feeders, Manual Feeders, Curtains for Shed, Electric brooder, Cages, Automated cages, Cages, Cages for chicks, Lighting, Special lamps for sheds, Lighting, Nests, Automatic Nests, Nests, Floors, Plastic Floors, Floors, Storage Silos, Feed, Storage Silos


Vencomatic do Brasil LTDA

Telephone: (19) 3855-3242

Tags: Egg Packaging, Molded Pulp Trays, Product Packaging, Expanded Polystyrene Trays, Transport Packaging, Farm Equipment, Drinkers, Nipple Drinkers, Feeders, Automatic Feeders, Manual Feeders, Nests, Automatic Nests, Incubation, Eggs , Equipment for egg processing, Egg collection and grading equipment, Classifiers, Automatic collection, Incubation Tray Embeyer, Ovoscopy, Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Production and Marketing:, Projects and Construction, Cutting Farms, Laying Farms, Transport

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